Two founder members, John Salmon on the left and Rodney Partridge, showing the Initiative Award for New Horizons at the Rowland Hill Awards in 1997.


In February 1993, at a meeting of the Bookham Community Association in which ways and means of increasing the number of room hirings at the Old Barn Hall was discussed, a question was raised from the floor about the possibility of forming a Stamp Club in Bookham. This was taken up by the Executive Chairman, Alan Zoers, who telephoned Rodney Partridge the next day about the possibility of such a venture.

Whilst there were already stamp clubs in both Leatherhead and Dorking (which have both now folded), Rodney Partridge decided to consult John Salmon who fortunately, had a list of members of Leatherhead Stamp Club, which included over a dozen members living in Bookham. By putting their heads together, a list of over 40 possible members was produced, but as the majority of these were already retired, it was thought that a new club might be more attractive if its meetings were held in the afternoon. In this respect it would then differ from other stamp clubs in the immediate area, and Bookham were probably the first to start afternoon meetings in the country.

It was decided to hold a Steering Committee Meeting at the house of Rodney Partridge in Mill Close at 2.15 pm on Thursday 4th March 1993. Those attending were John Salmon, Alan Zoers, Jack Watchous, Derek Pegg, Harold Hopkins and Norman Frost.

The outcome was the decision to hold an Inaugural Meeting in the Waterfield Room of the Barn Hall on Thursday 25th March 1993 at 2.15 pm., and some 50 letters of invitation were then sent to possible interested collectors.

On the 25th March, twenty people turned up at the Inaugural Meeting. Alan Zoers explained that the Club could meet in the Waterfield Room, rent-free for up to three meetings. Thereafter, if the club was established, the normal rent would apply, with the usual reduction if it became affiliated to the Association (which it did) and met not less than ten times a year.

Those present then agreed that Rodney Partridge should chair the meetings for a discussion of the proposal to form the club. This met with general approval and it was agreed to set up a Committee to establish rules, membership subscriptions and so on. Those elected to serve on the Committee were:-

Mrs E. Ewer and Messrs R. Partridge, J. Salmon, N. Frost, D. Pegg and P. Sawyer.

Below is a copy of the flyer for the Inaugural Meeting and the first programme. Notice our fees have remained the same; in fact it is now cheaper, no 50p per meeting. How’s that for beating inflation!




Bookham Stamp Club celebrated its tenth birthday by holding a special luncheon in the Old Barn Hall on 29th October 2003. 65 people attended, and guests included the B.C.A President Beryl Warne, and Alan & Doreen Zoers. A highlight of the event was the presentation of Honorary Fellowship to Dot Gerrard, and in response to the toast to the Club by the President of the Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies, Michael Lockton, Rodney Partridge gave an entertaining review of the Club’s progress and successes over the past ten years.

From small beginnings with meetings in the Waterfield Room, membership increased rapidly, necessitating a move firstly to the bigger Harrison Room, and then subsequently to the main hall. Now attendances are between 60 –70 at each meeting with a total membership of nearly 130.

The 10th Anniversary celebrated with a cake (picture below) at the April meeting in 2003. The Chairman is flanked by the two co-founders, Rodney Partridge and John Salmon.