This is our 25th year in existence and to mark our anniversary we are holding a lunch for our members and their partners at the Effingham Golf Club in the oak-panelled dining room in June. Our members will enjoy a welcome drink before they sit down and tuck into a three-course meal. They will also be given a commemorative menu of the day and an inscribed wine glass. We will also have the use of the patio outside so, we are hoping for a nice sunny day.

Having been Secretary since 2004, I have just found out that we were winners of the Mason Cup in 2001 organised by the Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies.

Albeit, we are obviously a member of the Surrey Federation, this came as a bit of a surprise as I understood that Bookham Stamp Club did not participate in competitions. The photograph above was brought to my attention by Denis Littlewort. Perhaps we should re-consider as we do have some fine philatelists amongst us!

The winners pictured are from left to right, Denis Littlewort, Ralph Dyer and David Hunter.


The Club award Barry Feltham, the Hon Secretary an

              Honorary life
membership 2017

The Chairman's words:

“I hope all the members agree with me that we should make our secretary, Barry Feltham an honorary member, for without him the club would probably not run. Barry also runs the website which I have mentioned previously along with all the other duties he does. He organisers and plans things extremely well and keeps us all in check.  And without doubt he would make a great chairman but because his role of secretary is so important to the club, this will allude him for the time being until someone steps forward to take over. It is fully deserved and I trust you will agree with the rest of the committee and myself sentiments." The members' agreed unanimously.

The Chairman awards the annual Norman  Frost Silver

           Salver in 2017 to Michael Boatman

Michael puts in a lot of unseen hard work behind the scenes, especially helping our Trading Secretary with buying and pricing collections. He also offers his vast experience and advice at our committee meetings. And is our auctioneer. A well deserved award for a hard working member.

                         A SAD ANNOUNCEMENT

One of our main founder members, John Salmon has, sadly, died at the age of 95. John pictured above left with the other main founder member Rodney Partridge was cremated in Lancashire but a memorial service is being considered at St Nicholas Church in Great Bookham. 

Much of John’s role in setting up the club is set out in the History section of the club’s website and more is included in the lovely obituary of Rodney Partridge.

John was a lifelong collector of stamps but, as with many, this was heavily curtailed during his working life. Following retirement, he specialised in Iceland, putting together an entertaining display on its flora, fauna and geography and another on the postal history of the troops stationed there in WW2. Another major focus was Norway with another display on the Railway postal history of selected lines. He had many other strands of study underway leading to other, smaller displays and talks mostly on Scandinavian topics.

He was a member of the RPSL and enjoyed many of the meetings there and had been very proud of participating in a display or two. He shared his love of stamps with his two children who have both given displays and won awards.

As he needed more care and support he helpfully moved nearer his family in Lancashire. He participated for a while in the activities of the City of Preston Philatelic Society and attended a few local meetings of the North-West section of the RPSL. But even this travel became too much and he contented himself with some philatelic studies at home. In more recent years his failing eyesight removed any continuing involvement with philately even at home.

Throughout his life he greatly enjoyed teaching, sharing his knowledge and supporting others in their studies. He was always delighted with the success of Bookham Stamp Club and pleased with the updates he received of its continuing successes.

A true gentleman in every sense of the word.

February 2017

                           FELLOW OF THE RPSL
Our Secretary Barry Feltham has been made a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London in November 2016.
                            FELLOW OF THE BSAP

At our meeting in October 2016, member Steve Paice was made a Fellow of the British Society of Australian Philately. The award was presented to Steve by the Secretary of the Society, Patrick Reid.

      The Club award John Dicker an Honorary life


The Chairman read the following at our AGM in May 2016:

“John has put in a lot of hard work into the club over the years. He joined the club in its early years and was an enthusiastic member becoming the Club Secretary in 1998 to 2001 and Chairman from 2003 to 2005. John helps out sorting and cataloguing stamps for the Trading Secretary (particularly KGVI varieties) and acts as assistant auctioneer. John was also appointed as Hon. Examiner in 2013, making sure the accounts are in order. He is always willing to help in any capacity that he can despite his involvement in numerous other activities, and continues to be an enthusiastic, valuable and worthy member of the club.”

The Chairman then asked the members to accept that John Dicker should now become an Honorary Life Member. The members carried the suggestion unanimously.

 The Chairman awards the annual Norman Frost Silver

          Salver in 2016  to Tom Appleton

“This year’s recipient is a real ‘behind the scenes’ man who does an immense amount of largely unseen work. He has been a member for many, many years and has always been willing to help with any range of things including being custodian of the club’s extensive Commonwealth & Foreign cover collection and supporting the Club Secretary as understudy. He is always on hand to assist other committee members whenever necessary and to lend a hand at club meetings. For the past 7 years he has been the Club Treasurer keeping  the books and doing the Year End Accounts - not only for the club as a whole - but also keeping the Trading Section in check and handling their end of year accounts as well. You will all appreciate how critical the Treasurer’s role is in a club of this nature. It is a role not easy to fill and we are so lucky to have Tom Appleton doing such a fine job. Long may he continue! Tom is a very worthy recipient of the Norman Frost Silver platter and I have great pleasure in awarding this to him.”

                              VILLAGE DAY - 2015

Bookham Village Day, which is part of Bookham Village Week, was on 20th June, the theme this year being “Kings and Queens.” It is a fun day with lots of stalls and many things to buy and do as well as eat and drink. Supporting the day and our club helps to raise funds for the upkeep of the wonderful Old Barn Hall where we hold our meetings. The Barn Hall was a given as a gift to the village by Arthur Bird in the early 1900s. The hall was part of Sole Farm and was moved on rollers to its present position - Sole Farm being next door to the hall.

The Chairman awards the annual Norman Frost Silver  Salver to David Bravery at the AGM in 2015

“Under the terms of the award I am nominating someone who has given valued service to this club. You will have heard his report as the Packet Secretary how the return on sales this year has increased from £3500 to £5300, making it the best return since the packet started. This wouldn’t have happened without a lot of hard work and diligence, and we are very grateful for this effort. But strangely enough this is not the main reason I am nominating David for this prestigious award.

David has proved, over the years, to be a most compassionate and caring member of the Bookham Stamp Club, and I have witnessed on many occasions how he has gone out of his way to help some of our older and in many instances ailing members get as much as possible out of being a member of Club, and to continue to enjoy their hobby.

A typical example of David’s thought and compassion for others was illustrated at the first Committee Meeting after the unexpected loss of our Trading Secretary, John Burden. We were debating how we could fill the huge gap left by his sudden demise when David valiantly declared that he would be willing to take on the role, as long as we could find a new Packet Secretary.

After some debate and going round and round in circles, as committees’ tend to do, I came up with the suggestion that we suspend the Packet temporarily, and David take over running the Trading tables forthwith. This was met with some agreement from the Committee except, and this is my point, David! No way… under no circumstances would he agree to suspend the Packet, as he pointedly said, ‘for many this is their lifeline and only contact with the Club and other members.’

It was then that I fully realised that despite his casual demeanour, David is a man of compassion and caring.

This is further borne out by the many occasions when he has heard of a member being ill or in distress and David has been one of the first to offer kindness and comfort, often going out of his way to pay them a visit or to try to help in some way.

I am proud to call him a friend and he is definitely one person I would like in my corner if I was ever in trouble.

However, He does tell some damn awful jokes!

David, on behalf of Bookham Stamp Club, I am delighted to present to you the coveted Norman Frost Salver Award, in recognition of your hard work as our Packet Secretary, but above all for your caring and compassion towards the Club and its membership.

The Chairman, Officers and the Society salute and thank you.”

C.A. Earle FRPSL

            The Bookham Stamp & Postcard Fair 2014

Late September we held the Bookham Stamp & Postcard Fair at the Old Barn Hall, (pictures above) which incorporated the Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies (FSPS) inter-club and open competitions. The Fair was opened by the Chairman of the Mole Valley District Council, Emile Aboud, who also happens to be a member of the club. The day was busy with the main hall filled with 16 dealers, the Royal Philatelic Society holding a Regional Meeting in the morning, and the Surrey Postal History Group and the FSPS holding their AGMs in the afternoon. The competitive displays were of great quality and well worth seeing. We also enjoyed the Secretary’s great display of postcards telling the history of the Bookhams. The day was well supported with over 100 people in attendance.

                                        SAD NEWS

Our Trading Secretary, John Burden died suddenly on Sunday, 22nd June. John was one of the foremost and valued members of the Committee, and as Trading Secretary since 2008; he valued and bought collections on behalf of the Club. He contributed a lot of his time to Bookham Stamp Club, and thoroughly deserved his honorary membership (pictured with the Chairman below right) at our recent AGM. John was always upbeat and fun to be with and will be sorely missed by all the members, and his many friends.

At the 2014 AGM the Chairman awarded the annual Norman Frost Silver Salver to Barry Feltham and made John Burden an Honorary Member with the blessing of the members.


We are pleased to announce that our Chairman, Christine Earle, FRPSL has been awarded the Diploma of Merit Award from the Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies (FSPS) for her sterling work in the field of philately over many years - congratulations Christine. Pictured above with the Hon Secretary of the FSPS, Peter White.

Christine has helped to promote the hobby for many years in the UK and on the continent and has been an inspired motivator through her creative seminars and meetings on how to display. She has given stamp collectors, who are reluctant to display, the encouragement to display for the first time. Christine's exhibits, which have attained the highest levels, along with the many displays she has given to many societies over the years, in the UK and aboard, have given a lot of people great pleasure and inspiration.

She has been an active member of several ABPS Judging teams, aimed at helping to train and advise Federation Judges on ways to attain accreditation. Christine is an International FIP judge on Thematic Philately and a National Accredited judge in several disciplines including Thematic & Open Philately & Aerophilately.

Christine was the first recipient of the Rowland Hill Award in 1989 for 'Journalistic Excellence' for a tow-part article describing her own beginner's steps in competitive philately as an encouragement to others contemplating exhibiting for the first time.


One of founder members, Rodney Partridge has, sadly, died at the age of 90. Rodney was cremated in France but a memorial service was held on the 26th October 2013 at St Nicholas Church in Great Bookham. Below is a tribute put together from memories from many friends by our past Chairman Graham Mytton.

Professor John Salmon, long time friend of Rodney, is unable to travel now being quite elderly and frail. But he has kept in touch with Rodney and they have talked by phone and exchanged letters since John moved north and Rodney went to France. He has contributed a lot of what is here. So also have other individuals friends and members of Bookham Stamp Club.

In the late 1980s Pam, John's wife and Rodney both happened to be elected to the Committee of the Friends of St Nicholas. When she learned of Rodney's interest in stamps Pam arranged that Rodney should meet John. As a result of that meeting John joined the Leatherhead Stamp Club. That club was however struggling. It met in the evenings once monthly. Most of its members were retired. John and Rodney and one or two others began to wonder about a club meeting during the daytime. And so it was that the inaugural meeting attended by 20 people, was held on the afternoon of the 25th May 1993 at the Old Barn Hall in Bookham. Over the following 20 years, the membership has grown to well over 100 members today with a monthly attendance of around 60 people.

Rodney would be the first to acknowledge the support and hard work of many others. But Rodney was a leader and had ideas that worked. One was to make sure that members had something to look forward to other than the speakers and presenters of philately. The club started buying collections and making these available to members and this innovation proved to be very popular. The club ran its own auctions with Rodney as the auctioneer. Even if you weren’t buying yourself, the auction events were popular, not least because Rodney made them interesting. His auctioneering style was itself memorable and often entertaining. The club has been a great success and its achievements led to it winning the Rowland Hill Award in 1996. (For those few people here today who haven’t heard of Rowland Hill, he invented the postage stamp back in 1840.)

Rodney was also a member of the Probus Club of the Bookhams, a club for retired business people and so also was John Salmon and each took their turn in serving in the Offices of that Club, including Chairman.  Later, when John’s eyesight was no longer good enough for driving a car, Rodney and Josie used to take him as a guest on their Bank Pensioners Club outings to various gardens and houses of note in Surrey.   John and Rodney were both keen gardeners. Rodney and Josie had a fair sized garden at their home in Mill Close.   After Josie died Rodney and John used to go out about once a week for a pub lunch exploring and enjoying the range of pubs in Surrey and followed the lunch with a tour of a bit of the county. John writes that he thought Rodney really enjoyed the countryside and his garden. However, John’s move north because of his increasing frailty changed that. John writes, “my happy memories remain. Rodney loved company and got on well with all my family.”

At the club everyone remembers Rodney with pleasure and many happy memories and thoughts. We are grateful to him and the other founder members for what they left us. At our meeting last Tuesday (22nd October) tributes were paid to him and all 60 members present stood in silent tribute. But solemnity was not what Rodney means. He was fun to be with, loved being with people and enjoyed celebrations of any kind. He was able to attend our 20th anniversary party at Denbies in July and was in very good form. And some of us were able to celebrate his 90th birthday with him just four weeks ago.

            20th ANNIVERSARY 1993-2013
Our Chairman, Christine Earle FRPSL and our immediate past Chairman, Graham Mytton do the honours by cutting the cake for our members to enjoy at the July meeting.

                    20th ANNIVERSARY LUNCH 8th JULY

Our 20th anniversary was a great success, which was helped by the venue. Denbies wine estate proved to be a superb venue as we not only had our lunch in the Garden room, we also had the use of the adjoining outside Pavilion. The 90 members were welcomed with a glass of sparkling pink wine by the Chairman and were then able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day in the Pavilion before and after lunch.


The members enjoyed pretty decorated tables adorned with superb flowers and a bottle of red and white wine.


Our Chairman, Christine Earle (pictured above with one of the founder members, Rodney Partridge) gave a welcome speech and our immediate past Chairman, Graham Mytton said Grace.

We enjoyed the following three-course lunch:
Prawn Cocktail

Breast of Chicken with red pepper and ricotta and basil crushed new potatoes.
Baked pear with granny smiths mousse & pear crisps.


At the end of the meal, the Chairman gave a toast to the Queen and then we had our first speech from Graham Mytton who talked about the history of the Club as well as the present. Miller McGrath responded to Grahams speech, also remembering the past and how the Club has grown to what it is today. We also had a toast for our founder members – Rodney Partridge and Professor John Salmon. John sadly was unable to attend because of illness.


The Chairman presented David Carr with a framed certificate for becoming an honorary member at the last AGM.


One of our founder members, Rodney Partridge was able to attend which was extremely pleasing as he now lives in France with his daughter. Rodney gave an entertaining short speech, alluding to the humble beginnings with Professor Salmon.


Finally, our Chairman gave a speech summing everything up and wishing everyone a safe journey home.


A wonderful and successful afternoon - looking forward to our 25th anniversary!



The Club have arranged six Smiler sheets for its 20th anniversary in 2013 (pictures above). A cover with one of the six Smiler stamps along with a local Bookham cancellation will be given to each one of our members. We would like to record our appreciation to our local Postmaster, Mr Patel, who has hand stamped all the covers – a big thank you indeed.

Not only do the lucky members get a cover they also get a Commemorative Brochure. The celebrations continue with a three-course lunch at Denbies Winery in Dorking on Monday 8th July.


                             CHAIRMAN FOR 2013-15

The new Chairman for 2013-2015, Christine Earle FRPSL (pictured above) said she was honoured to be Chairman of Bookham Stamp Club and was very proud to wear the Chain of Office. She hoped that she would be able to carry on the leadership and ideas from the outgoing Chairman. She also invited members to approach the Committee with any ideas, improvements, or innovations of their own that they feel will enhance the Club.


After two years in the chair (2011-13) the Chairman, Graham Mytton performed one of his last duties presenting the Norman Frost Salver Award to Mike Lidwell (above). He mentioned that Mike had given a long and valued service to the club, as part of the Trading team looking after the GB section. Every month Mike goes through vast quantities of GB material for the members to purchase, which requires a lot of hard work and preparation, not to mention all the carrying of the stuff to and fro meetings. An honour well deserved.


We are pleased to announce that Phil Kenton FRPSL, a long-standing member of Bookham Stamp Club was awarded the ABPS 2012 Congress Medal. The ABPS President, John Baron presented it to Phil (right in photo above) at our meeting in November. The Congress Medal was inaugurated in 1959 at the Philatelic Congress of Great Britain held at Torquay. This prestigious Medal, together with a lapel pin, is presented to just one person each year at the annual ABPS Philatelic Congress in recognition of dedication and voluntary service to British Philately at National level.


Above is John Ager (left) receiving the annual Norman Frost Salver award for 2012 from the Chairman, Graham Mytton at our AGM in June. The Chairman pointed out that John not only has given a great service to Bookham Stamp Club - being Chairman himself for three years from 2006-2009, but also John did a great deal for the hobby in Surrey over many years – richly deserved.


AGM - MAY 2011

John Burden wins the Norman Frost Award this year

The Chairman, Michael Boatman welcomed the 62 members attending the 18th Annual General Meeting. He gave a special welcome to Michael Skudder (picture top left), who was our former Trading Secretary, and was a valuable member of the Committee for several years. Michael had not visited Bookham Stamp Club for some time due to illness and family circumstances. Everyone at the meeting gave him a warm welcome. The Chairman then went on to ask the members to accept that Michael Skudder should become an Honorary Life Member. The members carried the suggestion unanimously, and the Chairman then presented a framed certificate to Michael.

The Chairman also presented his choice for the Norman Frost Salver Award for 2011, which went to our Trading Secretary, John Burden (picture top right). The Chairman stated that John took over the role from Michael Skudder four years ago, and did so with such commitment that he declined to become Chairman so he could continue his work for the Trading Section. The Trading Section has flourished under John's hard work, which in turn helps the Club to become the success it is.  Thank you John.



  The Chairman presents the Norman Frost award to David Carr for 2010

Norman Frost was a founder member of the Club who sadly died soon afterwards. His widow approached David Carr to ask whether she could make a donation to the Club in memory of her husband. Thus the Norman Frost Salver was conceived. The Chairman awards it each year to someone who in his personal view has made a major contribution to the Club. The Chairman stated that it was a privilege to have this responsibility and he soon realised that there was not only a very deserving case but also one that was most appropriate. For his services on the Committee for nearly 10 years he was delighted to present the Norman Frost Salver to the man who helped bring it about: David Carr.


2010 Derek Dunk receives the Award of Merit from ABPS

We are delighted to announce that Derek Dunk our Packet Secretary has been awarded the Award of Merit from the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies.) Derek on the right of the above photo was presented with the Award from Phil Kenton, the Chairman of Council of the ABPS at the June Club Meeting. On the left is Michael Boatman, the Chairman of Bookham Stamp Club. The award is given to those who deserve recognition for their support of the hobby.

Derek started collecting about 75 years ago. He became involved with the Insurance and Banking Philatelic Society in 1975 and built up a substantial packet circulation list. In the next 12 years he checked and settled around 10,000 booklets from more than 500 boxes. The Insurance and Banking Philatelic Society awarded Derek both a bronze and silver medal.

Derek joined the Committee of Bookham Stamp Club in the year 2000 and set up a Packet Section. He has distributed, checked and settled more than 150 boxes since then and is currently ensuring a smooth handover to his successor, as he has now decided to retire from this role.

Derek insists that he is a 'Collector' rather than a 'Philatelist' but his dedicated administrative work for two stamp clubs for over 30 years has provided a significant service to philately.

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