MARCH 1993 – Formation of the Bookham Stamp Club.

APRIL 1994 – Bookham Stamp Club hosts its first Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies (FSPS) Spring Convention and Fair at the Old Barn Hall. This was the first for any stamp club in the Mole Valley area in the 22 years that it has been staged.

The club had a membership of 30.

JUNE 1994 – Bookham Stamp Club attend the Bookham Village Day held at the Barn Hall for the first time. We have continued to support Bookham Village Day/Week every tear since. The idea behind the week is to raise funds for the upkeep of the wonderful Barn Hall. The Hall was a given as a gift to the village by Arthur Bird in the early 1900s. The hall was part of Sole Farm and was moved on rollers to its present position. All that is left of the farm is Sole Farm House, which is next door to the hall.

DECEMBER 1994 – Membership reaches 40.

JANUARY 1995 – Bookham Stamp Club raises funds for two charities, SeaAbility and Save the Children Charity. We have continued to raise funds for these charities ever since.

FEBRUARY 1995 – In conjunction with the FSPS and the British Philatelic Societies, a workshop for stamp collectors was held to help improve their collections.

Membership 45

APRIL 1996 – We host the FSPS Spring Convention and Fair at the Old Barn Hall for the second time.

Membership now 55.

OCTOBER 1996 – Miller McGrath, the Hon Secretary writes a two-page article on Bookham Stamp Club, which appeared in the Stamp Magazine.

JANUARY 1997 – Bookham Stamp Club (BSC) wins the Initiative award for New Horizons 1996 (for innovative ideas which stimulates the hobby) at the newly formed annual Rowland Hill Awards, sponsored by the Royal Mail, the British Philatelic Trust and the Philatelic Traders. The award scheme was et up to recognise significant achievements in various areas of philately. Rodney Partridge and John Salmon at the Victoria and Albert Museum received the award on behalf of the Club, a great achievement after only four years in existence.

JULY 1998 – 69 members

APRIL 1999 – 77 members

AUGUST 1999 – BSC pioneer a junior section that starts for youngsters up to the age of 16.

APRIL 2000 – We host the FSPS Spring Convention and Fair at the Old Barn Hall for the third time.

85 members.

JUNE 2002 – BSC issue a cover celebrating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

MARCH 2003 – BSC hosts the FSPS Spring Convention at the Barn Hall for the fourth time.

APRIL 2003 – The membership reaches 100.

OCTOBER 2003 – BSC celebrate the 10th Anniversary with a Lunch held at the Old Barn Hall.

APRIL 2006 – BSC hold the FSPS Convention and Fair at the Old Barn Hall for the fifth time.

Membership 106.

NOVEMBER 2007 – BSC hold a free workshop titled ‘How to Display.’ Attended by 18 members at the Old Barn Hall and presented by Christine Earle FRPSL and Jean Alexander FRPSL

OCTOBER 2009 – BSC hold the FSPS annual Convention and Fair at the Old Barn Hall for the sixth time.

JULY 2003 – BSC enjoys its 20th Anniversary at Denbies Winery.

JANUARY 2012 – Visit to the Gatwick Mail Centre

SEPTEMBER 2014 – BSC hold the FSPS annual Convention and Fair at the Old Barn Hall for the seventh time.

MAY 2015 – BSC sponsor 10 frames at the London 2015 Exhibition – the 175th Anniversary of the first postage stamp the ‘Penny Black.’

AUGUST 2016 – BSC ‘Sponsor a Sleeper’ on the forthcoming Postal Museum’s opening of the Mail Rail.

JULY 2017 – Mail Rail Opens. Two of our members enjoy ‘Walk the Rails’ as part of our sponsorship to see the Bookham Stamp Club ‘Sleepers.’

JUNE 2018 – BSC celebrates its 25th Anniversary at Effingham Golf Club.