To help to fill the gap created by the lack of meetings, your Committee have decided to produce some short video presentations for you to enjoy.

If you have any comments, or indeed would like to produce a video which you feel would be of interest to other members, please contact the Club Secretary.

Please see below Malcolm Cole's presentaion on Hospital Trains in the Great War

Please see below Denis Littlewort's presentation on KGV Keyplates - Varieties are the spice of life.

To All Members,

Given the great response to Graham Mytton's 'Virtual Meeting', the committee would like to offer some similar content to watch whilst we are unable to meet.

Please see the list below of some interesting philatelic material, thank you to Nigel Harris for these links.

We would welcome members to present their own Virtual Meetings, if you would like to do this please contact the Secretary.

We would appreciate any feedback as to whether these videos are interesting and entertaining.

Stamps and Postal History of the British Colony of Natal by Keith Klugman

WW II Postal History and its Social Impact, Kees Adema and Jeffrey Groeneveld, Sundman lecture 2019

Exploring Stamps—A Chat with Samuel West

Machins and London Postal Museum – S2E17

Collecting History: 125 Years of the National Philatelic Collection and Philatelic Fish Stories

Thematic Philately Peter Suhadolc AEP FRPSL

The First Canada-US Joint Issue, Charles Verge, Maynard Sundman Lecture 2010