2010 Derek Dunk receives the Award of Merit from ABPS

We are delighted to announce that Derek Dunk our Packet Secretary has been awarded the Award of Merit from the ABPS (Association of British Philatelic Societies.) Derek on the right of the above photo was presented with the Award from Phil Kenton, the Chairman of Council of the ABPS at the June Club Meeting. On the left is Michael Boatman, the Chairman of Bookham Stamp Club. The award is given to those who deserve recognition for their support of the hobby.

Derek started collecting about 75 years ago. He became involved with the Insurance and Banking Philatelic Society in 1975 and built up a substantial packet circulation list. In the next 12 years he checked and settled around 10,000 booklets from more than 500 boxes. The Insurance and Banking Philatelic Society awarded Derek both a bronze and silver medal.

Derek joined the Committee of Bookham Stamp Club in the year 2000 and set up a Packet Section. He has distributed, checked and settled more than 150 boxes since then and is currently ensuring a smooth handover to his successor, as he has now decided to retire from this role.

Derek insists that he is a 'Collector' rather than a 'Philatelist' but his dedicated administrative work for two stamp clubs for over 30 years has provided a significant service to philately.