Michael Skudder receives an Honorary Membership and John Burden wins the Norman Frost Award for 2011

The Chairman, Michael Boatman welcomed the 62 members attending the 18th Annual General Meeting. He gave a special welcome to Michael Skudder, who was our former Trading Secretary, and was a valuable member of the Committee for several years. Michael had not visited Bookham Stamp Club for some time due to illness and family circumstances. Everyone at the meeting gave him a warm welcome. The Chairman then went on to ask the members to accept that Michael Skudder should become an Honorary Life Member. The members carried the suggestion unanimously, and the Chairman then presented a framed certificate to Michael.

The Chairman also presented his choice for the Norman Frost Salver Award for 2011, which went to our Trading Secretary, John Burden. The Chairman stated that John took over the role from Michael Skudder four years ago, and did so with such commitment that he declined to become Chairman so he could continue his work for the Trading Section. The Trading Section has flourished under John's hard work, which in turn helps the Club to become the success it is. Thank you John.