Our Chairman Receives the Diploma of Merit from the FSPS

We are pleased to announce that our Chairman, Christine Earle, FRPSL has been awarded the Diploma of Merit Award from the Federation of Surrey Philatelic Societies (FSPS) for her sterling work in the field of philately over many years – congratulations Christine. Pictured above with the Hon Secretary of the FSPS, Peter White.

Christine has helped to promote the hobby for many years in the UK and on the continent and has been an inspired motivator through her creative seminars and meetings on how to display. She has given stamp collectors, who are reluctant to display, the encouragement to display for the first time. Christine’s exhibits, which have attained the highest levels, along with the many displays she has given to many societies over the years, in the UK and aboard, have given a lot of people great pleasure and inspiration.

She has been an active member of several ABPS Judging teams, aimed at helping to train and advise Federation Judges on ways to attain accreditation. Christine is an International FIP judge on Thematic Philately and a National Accredited judge in several disciplines including Thematic & Open Philately & Aerophilately.

Christine was the first recipient of the Rowland Hill Award in 1989 for ‘Journalistic Excellence’ for a tow-part article describing her own beginner’s steps in competitive philately as an encouragement to others contemplating exhibiting for the first time.