Sad News

A few brief recollections by Kate Sedgley. February 2024

Apart from his philatelic interests, Dad actually loved Rugby. He did how ever support Tottenham.

My father was an only child and so is my mother. So they just loved travelling the world. Especially Egypt as I’m sure you know. He was also awarded a medal for his service on Christmas Island. He was so proud of that. Sadly it got lost in the post and that’s one of my jobs, to track it down. Another passion was Golden retrievers. He just loved animals. Which is why instead of flowers we have done a collection for dogs for the blind.

My dad was truly a fab father of us 4 girls. People always used to say how sorry they felt for him living with 5 women. We used to say he was spoilt rotten.

If you would like to watch the service live on YouTube, please follow the link …

Kate Sedgley.