April 2012

Our Chairman, Graham Mytton (pictured above) gave an extremely varied and entertaining display in April. He showed stamps and various envelopes from countries such as Somalia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Graham's father had a great influence on him in collecting stamps and was proud to show his late father's collection of Ireland and a thematic collection of New Zealand and Austrlian birds. Graham finished the day with a wonderful and amusing side to the display showing various addressed envelopes to the BBC World Service where he had access to the mail - Graham worked at the BBC for many years. Letters were received from all around the world ranging from beautifully hand painted envelopes to made up drawn stamps on envelopes. Letters addressed to the BIBICI (BBC) at DABUL YOU SI TOO (WC2) or we had BIBISSI (BBC) or BCC LADEN (BBC LONDON) DOUBLE YOU SEE TOO (WC2) and BBC POSH HOUSE (BBC BUSH HOUSE).