April 2013

Our Chairman Graham Mytton treated the Club to a wonderful and entertaining afternoon at our April meeting with a display on mainly modern Nigeria in the first half and a rapid tour through the world in the second half, with one posted item from every stamp producing territory in the world except one. He also showed some delightful Nursery Rhyme post cards. The artist of these cards, Grace Marsh Lambert was Graham’s great aunt and was between the First and Second World Wars one of the best known illustrator of children's books. She died in 1991.

Graham headed the department that handled all the mail and was able to make a collection of postal items from every country shown in this super display, which he called “The World Wrote to the BBC”. Covers dated from 1980 to 2000 but with the advent of email and SMS message, the letters are sadly fast disappearing. Many of the letters had wonderful spellings of the BBC (some samples below) and its postal address such as: Bi Bi Si ..Lantan, DubbleYouSeaTwo (read it and listen!) and more. His display showed that in moving towards electronic mail and away from sending hand written pieces of paper we have all lost something along the way.