February 2013

1919 - The intriguing title of Roger Morell’s display on 26th February (above picture with our Chairman) was well chosen. World War 1 changed the map of Europe more than any other event before or since and most of the boundary and national political changes made during the next year, 1919, are still with us in one way or another today. The mail was then the main means of communication. Empires and states produced stamps and the story of the victors and the vanquished and the political settlements that were agreed to or forced through can be told through the story of stamps and the mail that it was produced for. Roger pictured above right with our Chairman is an expert on the complex history of East and Central Europe, the break up of the great empires of Austro-Hungary, Turkey and Germany and the new states that emerged.

Bookham Stamp Club has pioneered the use of computer technology to improve the enjoyment and engagement of the audience with presentations. Roger used PowerPoint to show not only the complex story of the break up of the empires but also his intriguing detective work into the origins of the various stamp issues, propaganda labels and other material.