January 2016

Steve Paice started the last of our Members’ day for the current season with his display of the Australian 1d. It included examples of States issues used "out of state”, which was allowed after 1910. The Kangaroo and Map issue came about through the newly elected Labour Government, despite not winning the competition held to choose the first Commonwealth stamp. We saw several examples of the Major Varieties of the Letterpress issue of 1914 from the 4 steel plates in use until 1937 with details of their repairs by re-entry, retouch or make-ready.Our Chairman, Ken Willmott gave a one frame display on butterflies and moths depicted on miniature sheets.
John Lea showed us British Military Administration (BMA) overprints which came about through an emergency printing at the end of WW11. The printings were carried out in GB and Australia.
Michael Lockton finished the first half with a superb two frame display on the introduction of the Mulready, with various examples, rare and expensive (see above pictures.)
The second half kicked off with a PowerPoint presentation from Michael Cope on the history of the European Union. Michael informed us of the various stages when members joined and the various treaties signed. All commemorated by stamps from the various European countries.
Graham Mytton was up next with another PowerPoint presentation on his beloved Africa and showed us various covers from around the islands of Africa.
Lastly, Derek Weston displayed the various uses of old labels from saving cards, railways, and stores to utilities.
A wonderful diverse and entertaining afternoon.
Pictures of the members at the top are in order of the displays.