January 2024

Some background about Richard;

I grew up in a small fishing village beside the Moray Firth in the North of Scotland.I have always been interested in the wild life of the sea, I also always had an interest in remote islands. I visited Foula in the Shetland Islands the remotest populated island in the United Kingdom with a population of 35, and St Kilda off the west coast of the Outer Hebrides. The population of 36 was evacuated in 1930 as they could no longer support themselves.

I have been very privileged to have visited the Falkland Islands, Antarctica, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha group, St Helena and Ascension. On all of my trips since my first visit in 2005 I have always been lucky with good weather, this has enabled me to get photographs of the wild life which I hope gives more background to the species on the stamps. These trips have given me fond memories which I will never forget.

We had an enjoyable afternoon with a fantastic display. Thank you, Richard.