July 2016

Gavin Fryer RPSL and RDP (pictured above) a Bookham member gave another exhilarating display continuing with his wonderful collection of GB George VI high values and their usage.This time we were treated with how the high values were used in war time from 1941 to 1943. Gavin went through the timeline of the war and its events and how the various covers coincided with those events and, how the Post Office coped and adapted to the various transport scenarios.
We saw all kinds of covers and lettercards posted to all parts of the world with their various potage rates, including registered, express, insured and airgraph mail. Gavin also showed us the different sorts of Forces censored mail pointing out that the ones with a blue cross were set aside for further investigation and may never be forwarded.
Above is a mail packet to Australia with a total of £16 of stamps attached, an expensive business.
Gavin showed the different colour changes in the high values brought about by the shortage of ink (dye) from Germany because of the war and therefore, had to be sourced elsewhere. The first colour change was the 2 shilling and sixpence in March 1942.
A great afternoon and Gavin threatens to be back to conclude the George VI high values in the next year or so – can’t wait.