June 2013

The June meeting was a Members’ day when the members had a chance to display parts of their own collections. We had 12 members (some pictured above) who participated showing a range of interesting and varied material. Jack Watchous gave a display on the German Dornier Do X Flying Boat, which was the largest and most powerful aircraft in the world between the two World Wars.

David Carr gave a one-frame display on snakes, and informed us of the different types, and where they’re found, along with the facts that the longest snake ever found was a Reticular Python, which was over 31 feet long, and the heaviest, being a South American Anaconda that weighed over 20 stone! David tells us that more people die of bee and wasp's stings (10 last year, and horse accidents (25) in this country than people bitten by snakes, which was only 1.

Tamsin Dungey showed English slogan postmarks from the war slogans where they originated in 1918 through to today. She demonstrated that this was a new way to display as it had little or no write up on the individual sheets, and was also trying to show to those members who did not do displays how easy and inexpensive it can be.

Derek Weston treated us to Trading and Saving Stamps, which ranged from Green Shield stamps to the Navy, which used different coloured stamps for the sailors to get cigarettes, depending on whether they were in home waters or not.

Julia Todd has a huge collection of fish and hopes to be able to collect every fish on stamps (a mighty task!) Today she showed us her small collection of sharks.

Phil Kenton FRPSL displayed a part of his vast collection of GB Express mail. John Lea FRPSL gave us an insight into Newspaper Tax, which started with ½d in 1855 and gradually increased to an amazing 4d by 1814. Did you know that the Times still prints the newspaper tax stamp in its paper today, although there is no tax.

Ken Willmott gave us another wonderful insight into the beautiful world of Butterflies, which never ceases to amaze.

Our former Chairman, Graham Mytton gave us a quick guide through the Smilers sheets from the first which was introduced at the Stamp Show in 2000. Graham has also had printed with different logos six Smiler sheets for the Club's 20th Anniversary.

The Chairman finished the afternoon with the Stamp Centenary Exhibition, which was an international event. It was held in London from 6-11 Ma, 1940 in aid of the Lord Mayor's Red Cross and St. John Fund. Penny Black reprints (with full gum) were reprinted by Waterlow and Sons for the exhibition.