May 2018

In May our AGM was attended by 48 people. Two members that had contributed so much to the club over the years were rewarded for their efforts with honorary memberships, Michael Boatman (Chairman from 2009-2011) and Tom Appleton (current Treasurer from 2009). And the Club’s annual Norman Frost Salver went to Julia Todd for all her endeavours looking after the ‘Stamp Exchange Packet.’


The Chairman stated the following:

“I’m awarding the Norman Frost Salver this year to someone that although she has moved to Essex, has carried on being our Packet Secretary. Logistically, this could have been a nightmare, but she has managed to work this through and the packet continues to thrive. So, we are extremely grateful to you Julia that you have continued in this role and it is very much appreciated by all the members. I am delighted to present this year’s Norman Frost Salver to Julia Todd.”

Appointment of Honorary Life Members

“I hope all the members agree with me that we should elect not one but two members this year as Honorary Members for all their hard work and outstanding contribution to the stamp club. Firstly, Tom Appleton. Tom has been Treasurer since 2009 and before that he used to help Derek Dunk with the Packet. A great contribution to the club in many ways.

Secondly, I would also like your approval for Michael Boatman to be similarly rewarded. He has been Chairman and also on the committee for a number of years and has been a huge help to the Trading Section where he has spent many, many hours.”

The two nominations were carried unanimously.