September 2019

September bought us Members’ Day, slightly different from our usual Members’ Day whereas we encouraged our members to bring items to display with the letter beginning ‘B’. This turned out to be a great success whereas we had 6 members in the first half displaying a wide variety of material including covers, stamps, postcards, labels, photos, errors, printings and newspapers;

Julia Todd – Fish,

David Hunter – Bees

Roger Vaughan – Robert Burns

Simon McArthur – Berlin,

John Dicker – George VI Bahamas

Malcolm Cole – ‘WWI – Behind the Wire’

In the second half we were entertained by 5 more members;

David Ager – Counties beginning with B

Graham Mytton – BBC

Bob Neville – Bismark

Denis Littlewort – George V Bermuda stamps

Nigel Harris – Bahamas Chalon Head stamps

Showing material including proofs and forgeries, watermarks and varietys, and more.


It was more than a successful afternoon which encouraged more members to display and therefore at the next members meeting we will ask our members to display items beginning with the letter ‘C’